Kirby Anders is the daughter of Blake's majordomo Joseph Anders. She comes to Denver after her studies in France and falls in love with Jeff Colby. To get close to Jeff, she took the job as LB Colby's nanny. At the same time, Blake's son Adam Carrington makes passes at her and, when she rejects him, he brutually rapes her. For a while, Kirby keeps the rape a secret. After Adam poisoned Jeff, Kirby nurtures him, ends up in his bed and ends up impulsively eloping with Jeff. However, the marriage crumbles when it's discovered that the father of her unborn baby isn't Jeff, but Adam (as a result of the rape).

After illness and the losing of the baby, Kirby and Adam become closer but his mother, Alexis Colby gets in the way of their relationship discovering to Kirby how her demented mother destroyed her marriage to Joseph. After her father committed suicide because of Alexis's scheming and the fire in the cottage he set up, almost killing both Alexis and Krystle Carrington, despaired Kirby tried to kill Alexis but in the last minute has a change of heart.

Years later, Kirby and Adam ran into each other in Switzerland. Kirby helped the Carringtons fight "The Consortium." Adam and Kirby rekindled their feelings and became engaged.