Prince Michael is the son King Galen of Moldoiva a small East European principality, he first met Blake Carringtons daughter Amanda whilst she was holidaying in accopulco with her father. When her mother Alex is found out that Amanda had met prince Michael she contacted Michaels father King Galen, Alexis had met the king years ago when she visited his country whilst she was touring Europe. s and king Galen agreed that Prince Michael should marry Amanda in return for a deal of overseas trade agment that Alexis agreed to help him with.

The whole Carrington clan travelled to moldavia for the royal wedding but the happy event was interrupted by a terrorist coup, when they stormed the royal chapel by smashing through the windows.several of the guests were injured but only two were killed. Like Fuller ( Stevens gay boyfriend) and Lady Ashley Mitchell a famous photographer. The terrorists held the guests hostage hoping to get ransom money but Blake refused to pay so the Carrington family were allowed to leave and return home. Prince Michael was forced to leave with his new wife Amanda after being told that his father King Galen was dead after being shot by the terrorists.

When they returned to Denver Blake asked Prince Michael to manage his daughter Fallons hotel La Mirage which he accepted. But Michael was not happy with Amanda behaviour, which he thought was acceptable of his wife in public. This caused a lot of stress between him and Amanda and she was starting to regret marrying Michael.

After a while Michael learned from Blake wife that his father King Galen was still alive and being held prisoner in Moldoiva. Alex is and dexter managed to rescue the king and return to Denver. King Galen moved into Alexis penthouse while he was recovering from temporary peraalisis. But Alex is did not know that King Galen was only trying to use her for her vast fortune in he hope of re concouring his home country. The king made his son Prince Michael lie to Alexis and Amanda so that he could continue with his plans. Dexter found out what he was planning and told Alexis, she was very angry and confronted King Glen. When he admitted to Alexis that it was true she told him to leave and never contact him again.

Michael left with his father and travelled to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon to set up a temporary home so they could continue with their plan to retake their home country